Designing your dream space with your budget in mind using expert design build services.


Our all-in-one process makes our company a one stop shop for our Portland area design build service customers.

At LM Nodine, we strive to develop a complete design package with a fixed price construction contract all before breaking ground.

We understand the design you're dreaming of needs to match your budget.

This is where we shine!

LM Nodine design-build services is the key to a more peaceful remodel for our homeowners. How?

Because of our two-step process; Which begins with designs that ensure our projects are fully planned out before stepping into the construction phase.

We move our clients fluidly through the design process to establishing a fixed price contract and right into breaking ground. By working with our in-house certified designer, we can establish full sets of plans with 3D perspectives of the final product, select functional and aesthetically pleasing finishes that fit our clients lifestyles, finalize all plumbing, electrical and appliance specifications, obtain engineering when required and host sub-contractors on site for firm bids to establish a fixed price contract for the homeowner, creating that peace of mind when the work begins.

With the design phase, there's an opportunity to revise the plans and proposals to accommodate the homeowners budget before any demolition takes place. It allows for a thought out process that creates a finished space reflective of what was planned. 

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Very happy!

“I hired LM Nodine Services & General Contracting for two separate projects. Both jobs were billed at the bid price; no "adjustments", no extra costs. And both were completed within the agreed upon time frame. The crew arrive when they say they will, clean up at the end of the day. They did a great job! I am very happy with their work and highly recommend them.”

- B. K.

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What’s provided during the Design Phase


  • Perform a site measure and site evaluation to develop as-is plans in our drafting program, ChiefArchitect 
  • Provide a questionnaire for clients to fill out to ensure the space is being designed specifically for the end user 
  • Collaborate ideabooks with clients to get a good feel of their desired aesthetics. 
  • Develop a handful of preliminary space plans to review with the clients which evolves into a final plan. 
  • Continue development of plans that include construction plans, mechanical plans, detailed floor plans, elevations and 3D perspectives. 
  • Obtain engineering calculations and incorporate them into plans if the project requires.  
  • Host subcontractors on site to obtain firm bids. 
  • Obtain hazardous testing if the project and age of home requires. 
  • Perform exploratory work, that may entail scoping the interior of a wall for any structural members or mechanical obstructions . This can help answer unknown questions to ensure a design can be built as planned. 
  • Host clients at local showrooms to make material and fixture selections (i.e. plumbing, decorative lighting, tile, flooring, etc.). 
  • Develop preliminary proposals based on selections and designs. 
  • Tailor proposals and designs as needed to establish a fixed price contract for construction that factors in the client's budget. A fixed price contract means, LM Nodine has done its due diligence to guarantee the client a construction price that won’t change based on the written scope of work once the project begins. This price only changes if the clients change the scope of work after signing or an unforeseen occurs on site (i.e. dry rot, insect damage, faulty work done by a previous contractor or homeowner). 


The first phase allows the proper time necessary to develop a remodel based on the clients dreams without making rushed decisions if done on the fly during construction. The design-build model takes the traditional process to a more streamline one.


  • Bathroom Projects
  • Kitchen Remodels
  • Home Renovations
  • Home Additions
  • Outdoor kitchens & living spaces
  • Basement remodels
  • Master Suites

Create the home of your dreams on time, on design and within your budget. Design build services by LM Nodine helps you build your space with your budget in mind with the help of our in house certified designer/estimator.

Transitioning to Phase 2: Construction

When the design phase is properly executed these are the steps that occur between signing the construction contract to breaking ground: 

  • LM’s designer will host a site meeting with the clients and their assigned project manager for an introduction and project hand off. During construction the designer will still have biweekly meetings with clients to insure the project is going as developed. 
  • LM’s project manager will develop a calendar based on the site evaluation for the project from start to finish, where an established start date will take place. 
  • Materials will begin to be ordered from obtained construction deposits to insure materials coming in on time. 

Once all of this has been completed the project can begin on time and end on time with little attention from the homeowners. This is how LM Nodine can ensure a more peaceful remodel for our homeowners.

Want to start the process for your remodel? 

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We've been building and remodeling residential spaces since 2009 keeping cost and design at the forefront. No matter what your home's style is, our designers are honored to bring your ideas to life!


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